Oil and Gas


Mirach Energy Limited is an experienced oil and gas concession operator. One of the Group's business unit provides oil and gas services and consultancy in Asia. Currently, it holds an investment in a mature oil field in Indonesia, South Sumatra.

Property and Construction


The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, CPHL (HK) Limited ("CPHL") and PRG Construction Sdn. Bhd. jointly incorporated Premier Mirach Sdn.Bhd. ("PMSB") to pursue property and construction projects in Malaysia. CPHL owns a 75% stake in PMSB and the remaining 25% is held by PRG Construction Sdn. Bhd.


Wholly-owned subsidiary CPHL participates in  the development of a multi-storey agricultural project in Malaysia via a 70% stake in the shares of RCL Kelstar Sdn. Bhd..


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